About Us

KIAURA Eyewear was created from my passion for modern architecture. Growing up in Southern California, I was constantly surrounded by stunning architecture and instantly knew that this is where my future belongs in one way or another.

  • In college, I dropped out of school to work for a famous real estate agent so I could be in the world of beautiful homes. For a year at the age of 20, I was toured through homes of the ultra-wealthy. Seeing award-winning homes from Architectural Digest and famous architects from all over the world who come to Orange County, CA to build people's dream homes.

    I later returned to college and knew that I wanted to be the one designing and building these homes, so I started a handyman business with my trusty friend youtube and a beat up truck that I financed. After 2 years of pulling toilets and getting my hands dirty, I graduated college and got a job with Southern California’s most sought-after home Builder, Patterson Custom Homes.

    After a year and a half on the front lines of building the world's most beautiful homes, I learned all the building process's ins and outs, from the initial concept of design to the final completion.

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  • It was then, that I realized that I wanted to share my love for architecture but through a different medium. Sunglasses. I realized that sunglasses have the ability of unlimited possibility of design, just like a well-architected home.

    A well-designed home creates a distinct mood inside you when you enter. It's a feeling of quality design that makes you feel something inside a beautiful home and I wanted to bring this approach into eyewear.

    A beautifully constructed piece of eyewear can bring you into a new mood and make you feel alive.

    I took the process I learned about designing and building homes and shifted my focus toward sunglasses to create something truly exceptional. I focused deeply on every detail. Down to the clean lines, pure forms, and materials used to go into the process of constructing KIAURA Eyewear.