Focused on building a brighter future for the eyewear industry, KIAURA Eyewear is pledging 10% of all proceeds to Project Mercy Baja.

The goal of Project Mercy is to improve the basic living standards and quality of life for impoverished families who live in conditions that are negatively effecting their health in the shantytowns of east of Tijuana, Mexico.

What does Project Mercy do?
Project Mercy builds basic but sturdy houses for the poorest families in the outlying neighborhoods, or “colonias” of Tijuana, Mexico. When sufficient funds are available, they provide materials and plans for sanitary bathrooms for the community.


KIAURA Eyewear is a purpose driven company and will always stay true to our cause and bettering the lives around us. With your generous support, we want to create a win/win for each of us in the process.

So firstly we want to personally thank you, and especially congratulate you for making a difference with your purchase today.